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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good Points on Name Change

I received the following from Danny Pettry, M.S., CTRS, regarding the proposed ATRA name change -- to ARTA. I think what he said is worth sharing on the RT Blog. Danny wrote:

I understand that some ATRA-members are afraid that “recreation” being first might confuse us as being recreational providers.

I use a similar comparison at work when describing, how, recreational therapy, is different from, recreation activities. We’re systematically using recreation as a vehicle to achieve a pre-determined outcome according to a patient/ client’s need.

Sometimes, I’ll continue, by sharing how, physical therapy is a lot different from physical activities. Just the same, recreational therapy is a lot different from recreational activities.

I explain that physical fitness and physical therapy are very different just as recreation activities and recreational therapy is very different.

Sometimes, I'll use "care." Many people can provide "care," However, it is very different from nursing care provided by a RN. Again, many people can provide recreation activities. However, it is very different from recreational therapy, which is provided by a rec. therapist.

Regardless if we change the name or not, I’ll continue to support the association because it is the leading group that represents, us, recreational therapists.


Blogger Danny Pettry said...

I overheard one disturbing comment at the ATRA conference during the discussion. One person said she would quit the association. However, I regret to say that I can’t remember if she said she’d quit if it didn’t change or if it did. I just remember overhearing the comment as I was walking by.

I definitely don’t think that is the way to go. We are a small profession. We need all the members possible.

I make it clear that I am for the name change to ARTA and that I’ll stay an avid member of the association regardless of the outcome because it is the leading association representing the interests of us recreational therapists and the people who we serve.

This is an opportunity to increase membership. I invited people who are not members to join and become members, so, they can become involved in decisions, like this vote.

If more people join then the association would have a larger budget to help achieve the mission and goals of the association.

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