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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Party Schools" & "Stone-Cold Sober Schools"

The Princeton Review just came out with its annual ranking of colleges and universities. Two of the rankings are for "Party Schools"and "Stone-Cold Sober Schools." I've gone over these lists noting those with well recognized RT programs. Here is what I came up with:

'Party Schools" with well recognized RT curricula:
The highest ranking school with a well recognized RT program was Penn State University at number 3.

Others with well recognized RT curricula that made the list of party schools included: The University of New Hampshire (number 11); the University of Iowa (number 12); Indiana University (number 14); and the University of Tennessee (number 18).

"Stone-Cold Sober Schools" with well recognized RT curricula were BYU (at number 1) and Calvin College (number 10).

Faculty who believe their school deserved a higher ranking or those from schools that were left off either of the lists are encouraged to comment on this post!


Blogger Mike Sutherland said...

rumor has it that Penn State dropped from the #1 position after GT left! Just kidding :)

7:09 AM  

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