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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Interesting Article on Clinical Doctorates

An interesting article recently appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education titled "A Look at Clinical Doctorates." The article discusses clinical doctorates in such fields as audiology, OT, and PT. It suggests the clinical doctorate programs may produce revenue streams for universities but may do little more.

It would seem to me that the clinical doctorate programs in OT and PT could provide RT with an opening. If RT can produce really well prepared M.S. graduates, they may be preferred by employers over clinical doctorates in OT or PT due to being less costly. Also, maintaining the Ph.D. credential for university faculty in RT (and not watering down the quality of scholarship by having those trained as clinical doctorates hired as university faculty as may happen in OT and PT) could result in the strongest university academic programs being in RT.

If you wish to read the Chronicle article the address is


Blogger trgeek said...

i concur. the entry level doctorate PT and masters OT is not consistent with rigor and traditions of the traditional academy. students and some faculty in these programs are not exposed to rigorous research methods, or theory as much as practical skills. Even the number of academic credits for the discipline that focus on clinical skills seems to be less than many other professional preparation programs that combine collectiv academic skills over 5-6 years (education and psychology). TR/RT may be in a good position. that is, if we can ensure that RT/TR programs continue to exist.

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