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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are We Demanding Enough of RT Students?

I sent the message below out on ATRAnet last night. It has already drawn 3 lenghly responses -- so I thought I'd share it on the RT Blog. Here it is:

Hi RT Colleague,

Are we challenging RT students today? Arum and Roksa (2011) wrote in their book, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses:

“In a typical semester…32% of the students did not take a single course with more than 40 pages of reading per week, and 50% did not take any course requiring more than 20 pages of writing over the semester. The average student spent only 12 to 13 hours per week studying – about half the time a full-time college student in 1960 spent studying…” (p. 70).

They also stated: “…37 percent of students reported spending less than five hours per week preparing for their courses” (p. 69). (That is 5 hours per week for all their courses!)

Reading this makes me wonder just how much RT professors are demanding of their students. If you are a professor and are assigning less than 40 pages per week in your course, and not assigning regular writing assignments, I hope you will reevaluate what you are expecting of your students.

Think about it. As a professor, do you not owe it to your students and to the profession to hold high expectations for your students?


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