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I became a Professor Emeritus after serving 29 years as a recreational therapy faculty member at Indiana University. I'm a long-time Hoosier, having grown up in Hanover, Indiana. My RT practitioner work was in psych/mental health. After completing my Ph.D. at the University of Illinois, my first faculty position was at the University of North Texas. RT has been a wonderful profession for me as I have had the opportunity to serve as an author and national leader.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Florida Seemingly Lacking Professional Prep Programs

I just read an article that identified the best cities for job growth. One-half of the cities listed were in Florida -- Cape Coral, Naples, Sarasota, Port St. Locie, and Ocala.

Yet, it seems to me that there are few universities in the state of Florida with RT professional preparation programs. Certainly Florida lacks well known university RT professional prep programs. This seems a shame. I wonder if anything can be done to build RT in higher education in Florida?


Blogger mckenney said...

You are correct -- Florida is definitely lacking in RT prep programs. Nevertheless, one program does still exist at Florida International University ( Unfortunately, we struggle to get students into the program, just as faculty from programs that no longer exist did before their programs closed. The problem is not that there is a lack of jobs, for that is not the case. If you visit the RT job forum linked on the left side of the RT page, you will see that jobs are posted from all over the state each month.

We are in the throes of a new marketing campaign that we hope will help generate interest. So far, we have seen a spike in enrollment and a large increase in the number of inquiries. Although numbers are up for spring semester, we will not see the effects of the campaign until Fall 2008. To see the idea behind the campaign, please visit:

Thank you for allowing me to comment. I do hope this helps some in clarifying that one good program does indeed still exist.

Alexis McKenney

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