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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another New Name -- ARTA Next?

I recently learned that there is likely to be a new name for AAHPERD. The Board of Governors has approved the name change to the American Alliance for Health and Physical Activity. A vote to finalize the change will take place in March when it will be submitted to the Alliance Assembly.

This is the second name change that I've learned about in the past week or so. You may recall that the National Mental Health Association has recently changed its name to Mental Health America.

Is this a good time for ATRA to consider a name change? I am ready to change to ARTA. How about you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree it is time to change ATRA to ARTA. The focus of the organization has always been more towards recreational therapy so the name should more accurately reflect the focus of the organization. The name should reflect the focus of the organization, rather than a "philosophical" concern. Other organizations choose a name that best represents the focus of the organization. As a founder and member of the first Board of Directors who was on the subcommittee the decide the name of the organization, I wish we had chosen ARTA then, but the sentiment was that the name needed to be ATRA so the oprganization could attract sufficient members to survive. That may have been accurate at the time, but now it is time to choose a name that more accurately reflects the focus of the organization. Most of people represented by the organization work as recreational therapists providing treatment in some aspect of the continuum of health care services.

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